Our Purpose

Wealth Squared exists to serve, guide, and care for our clients by partnering with them to pursue God's plan for their lives. We believe this will lead to a life that is rich with meaning and purpose.




is a faith-based, Certified Financial PlannerTM and a Certified Kingdom Advisor® with over 18 years of experience in empowering values-driven investors to pursue a double bottom line of financial returns and positive social impact.

Rachel is a published author. She lives in River Falls, WI and is the homeschooling mom of three amazing kids and the wife of fellow entrepreneur, Chris.

She volunteers as a worship leader at church and as the Chair of the Faith Driven Investor – Advisor Group.

"Together, we are about to start a purposeful journey where we help you align your pursuit of your personal financial goals with the values you hold in your heart."

Core Values

with Humility

We are committed to excellence in every area of our work. Believing that we are never done learning, we pursue personal and professional growth and consistently look for ways to add more value for our clients.


We believe that handling our clients’ wealth and dreams is both a tremendous honor and a serious responsibility. We strive to earn trust and demonstrate integrity by putting our clients’ interests first (as fiduciaries), knowing our core competencies, and doing what we say we will do.


We challenge the status quos in wealth management. We believe it is possible to pursue profits and a positive impact and we are called to be front-runners in values-based investing. We also embrace, rather than resist, advances in technology that allow us to serve clients more effectively.

Did you know that Christians manage an estimated wealth of 150 trillion dollars, more than half the world’s wealth?

Imagine what the world would look like, if the investments we make could enrich our lives, and the lives of those our money affects!

With this idea in mind, I have founded WealthSquared and Wealthfluence.

WealthSquared helps investors pursue optimized risk-adjusted returns, that at the same time have a positive social impact.