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Rachel McDonough | Founder

Rachel McDonough is a faith-based, Certified Financial Planner™ and a Certified Kingdom Advisor® with over 20 years of experience in empowering values-driven investors to pursue a double bottom line of financial returns and positive social impact.

It is estimated that Christians manage 150 trillion dollars, more than half the world’s wealth. What if we use it to live out our purpose, improve the lives of our families, and make the world a better place?

What if, not just your giving, but your
investing could have a positive impact too?

We help you align your financial planning and investments with your values to pursue optimized financial returns and positive impact.

Love your

We have received a high calling to love our neighbors. Often money is invested in ways that don't fulfill that calling, deriving profit from harmful activities like abortion, slave labor, or addictive substances. But our carefully curated strategies allow investors like you to avoid compromise. You don’t have to prioritize profits over people.

Seek Financial

Rachel has been awarded a "Five-Star Wealth Manager" title eight times since 2013.

Our unique, values-aligned process also pays close attention to risk, returns, fees, and portfolio optimization. Many studies have demonstrated that paying attention to non-financial factors, such as ethical considerations, corporate governance and environments practices, can actually help improve long-term performance.

Real Impact

When we align love of even the neighbors we don't see with our desire for robust financial returns, we store up impact that enriches our lives, and the lives of those our money affects.

15 minute complimentary consultation

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15 minute complimentary consultation

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We provide three levels of financial planning that are tailored to your needs. The recommendations are focused on directing your resources toward each of your current priorities. It feels great to know where your money is going and why!

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After we create your plan, we can also help you and execute and monitor your comprehensive wealth strategy with investment solutions you can feel good about.

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