Frequently Asked Questions

Explore how Wealth Squared can help you align your wealth with your purpose, for a legacy of financial success and positive impact.

What is Wealth Squared?

Wealth Squared is a faith-based wealth advisory firm dedicated to empowering values-driven investors to align their financial planning and investments with their faith and values. Our goal is to help clients pursue optimized financial returns alongside positive social impact.

What services does
Wealth Squared offer?

Wealth Squared offers comprehensive wealth management services, including comprehensive financial planning, multigenerational planning, investment management, values-aligned investing strategies, legacy planning, and philanthropic planning. Our services are tailored to each client's unique priorities, goals, and values and can be monitored from our Member's Exclusive Wealth Squared HQ.

What makes Wealth Squared different
from other
financial advisors?

Wealth Squared stands out due to our commitment to faith-driven investing and stewardship. We prioritize not only financial returns but also the social and spiritual impact of investments. Our unique values-aligned process ensures that your financial decisions reflect your deepest convictions, contribute positively to society, and help you actively use your influence as a shareholder.

How does Wealth Squared integrate
faith into
financial planning?

We integrate faith into financial planning by considering how each financial decision aligns with biblical principles of stewardship, generosity, and responsibility. Our process involves prayerful consideration, ethical investment screening, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Can I still achieve competitive financial
returns with faith-driven investing?

While some faith-aligned funds priorities impact over return, those are usually reserved for charitable capital. The rest of the FDI industry is focused on achieving market rate returns, similar to their secular counterparts. Ultimately, we believe there is a natural tailwind that comes to companies that treat their employees and customers well and create value through positive goods and services.

How do I start my values-aligned
financial journey
with Wealth Squared?

Starting your journey with Wealth Squared begins with scheduling a call or virtual meeting with our team. During this initial consultation, we'll discuss your values, priorities, financial goals and resources. From there, we'll work together to create and implement a personalized financial proposal that honors your purpose and values.

Who are the clients of
Wealth Squared

We serve generous, impact-focused families and individuals from across the U.S., most of whom work with us remotely or on a concierge basis.

Our clients often have complex financial situations that require time to understand and organize. We enjoy developing long-term relationships with those who appreciate a high level of service.

While we believe that all investors should be able to align their investments with their values, our firm is focused on serving Accredited Investors and up as we have invested heavily in research on private market impact investments that require higher minimums.

In particular, we serve many clients who are stewarding a family business, next gens who are inheriting wealth, and executives.

What are the costs of hiring
Wealth Squared

For Asset Management Services, we bill on a fee-only, tiered % basis (without commissions, sales charges, or other incentivies to recommend specific products).

Financial Planning is included with Asset Management Services (as part of the standard asset-based fee) for clients with $1M+ under management. Planning and / or Consulting are also available as a stand alone service at a flat rate, starting at $10,000/year and increasing, depending on complexity.

Account Asset Value
Quarterly Fee
Annual Fee
Up to $1,000,000.00
$1,000,000,01 to $5,000,000,00
over $5,000,000.00

Additional expenses apply for certain private market investments and all managed products include an internal expense payable to the manager.

For more detailed information or specific questions not covered here, please contact us directly. We are here to serve and guide you on your journey toward impactful and purpose-driven financial stewardship.

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